Microgaming’s Jackpots Have Paid Out More Than 89 Million Euros in the Past Half Year

There Is Free Money Up For Grabs

A player at an online casino has the same chance of winning a life-changing progressive jackpot as someone who wins the top reward in a lottery game, but just because this is the case does not mean that it happens infrequently. On the other hand, progressive jackpots are won significantly more frequently than the majority of people would expect, and the most recent data given by Microgaming attest to that fact. This is because the Microgaming progressive jackpot network has paid out more than €89 million in just the first six months of 2019 alone!

How Each Part Contributes to the Whole

The progressive jackpot network distributed a remarkable 89,879,343 euros in cash between the beginning of January and the end of June, and the total number of jackpots won within that time period was 1,150,559. Microgaming has stated that 388 of those jackpot winners were worth €10,000 or more, and that eight of those wins were at seven- or eight-figure sums which totaled more than €43 million.

Notable Victories

At the end of January, one player earned €13.32 million playing the illustrious Mega Moolah game that is offered by Microgaming. This win was the largest prize that has been won so far this year. That is the very same game that was responsible for the largest payout in the history of the Microgaming progressive jackpot network in October of last year. A fortunate slots player won the enormous sum of €18.91 million while playing that game.

A number of other noteworthy achievements were accomplished in the first half of this year, including back-to-back jackpot wins on Tuesday, March 5 and Wednesday, March 6, when players won prizes totaling over €11.54 million and €2.20 million, respectively, in consecutive days. With regard to more recent victories, jackpots of over €5.43 million, €5.67 million, and €3.03 million were won on Friday, May 3, Thursday, May 23, and Monday, June 17, respectively.

With Even More on the Way…

It is always the case when someone lands a top prize on the Microgaming progressive jackpot network, and the firm is now looking forward to producing many more huge winners over the following six months. Each of these life-changing jackpots was paid out to its respective winner as a lump sum, as is the case whenever someone wins a top reward on the network.

Will It Be Your Turn Next?

On the Microgaming progressive jackpot network, jackpots are being won left and right as seen by the large number of winners in the first half of 2019, which proves that the network is in excellent shape. Participating in the games is the only thing you need to do to offer yourself a chance of becoming one of the next major winners in the second half of the year if you have any interest in doing so. Visit Casumo Casino to try your luck at Mega Moolah and other jackpot games provided by Microgaming, and we wish you the best of luck!

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