The paroli is increasing in gain, which means that the most recent increase in earnings is the largest.

It’s just the opposite sequence of bets from Martingale Hawks. His plan is to maximize profits while minimizing losses.

Here’s proof that the paroli is just as easy to implement as the martingale: 1-2-4-8-16-32-64-128-256-512, etc.

After a winning condition is met, the wager is doubled. This is the standard wager since our first meeting ended in defeat. If you wager 10 Euros on Red and win 10 times that amount, for instance, the profit is substantial. The payout will be €10,230, and all you need to play is €10.


The moment you decide to cancel your Paroli subscription, you will instantly lose all of your earnings.

You have complete control over when you receive progress reports, allowing you to lock in your hard-won gains at any time.


In the end, this is money for the most aggressive strategy. The Paroli, the sum of your winnings, is reinvested for use in subsequent actions. Different from the martingales mentioned here, the site describes an endless number of others. The game employs a Martingale Red Hawks on a paroli on Black, and the fact that these two martingales are out of sync does not hinder you from meditating. You’ll also observe, in addition to the output of zero, that the Paroli triumphs whenever the Martingale Hawks fail to do so.


See an instantaneous multiple-shot illustration of the martingale Paroli here.

A “green box” in the balance column indicates that the game was ended with a profit (in this case, after five shots and another victory).


Improvement. After you have finished clearing the net, you can set the base. If you’re losing, you should add to your initial wager. Just hope for a long enough run to make up for your losses. The basic bet’s evolution is determined by the player’s preferred playing style and risk tolerance.

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